Ying & Yee’s Wedding – Morning Session

One thing about weddings… no… photography in general, is that it involves waking up early. Whether to catch early morning light, or an early morning make-up session. It’s always the hardest when the alarm rings at a time that your body simply isn’t used to. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the morning session.
In between shots of the bride, I moved the dress and shoes around a little bit to get these shots. A better photographer might have found some angle to shoot them where they lay…
I like the clean white shoes against the textured table.
 Bride’s Dress & Shoes – Shot at 6am in the morning!
I really wish this could be a cleaner image but I suppose the items in the foreground are part of the setting. 🙂
The MUAs did a great job as you will see in some of the shots a little bit later on…
 Make-up-artists at work.
 This was while the groom and heng-tais were going through their trials to get to the bride. There were around ten other people in this room – but through luck and patience I managed to get the bride alone in this composition – I rather not tell people to get out of the way unless it’s a “must-get” shot. Despite the strong back-light, I’m glad the details in the bride’s dress were retained.
 Bride waiting for her groom…
 I did not want to ‘ruin’ this photograph by putting my watermark over it. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to be too artsy or funky – I’ve mentioned my quirky taste in photography – that I forget that just with the simplest composition, a clean background and good light, you can just let the subject speak for itself.
J H L Photography (C) 2008
The groom finally makes it into the room with a bouquet of bears – requested by the bride, of course.
Grabbed a quick group shot with the sisters…
After the tea ceremony and family portraits, it’s off to the groom’s place – the red fan was dropped out of the window as the car drove off. I must find out what the significance of that is.
Pose set up by Jeff – he was shooting much tighter with a 70-200mm. Not wanting to duplicate the shots, I opted to go for a wide angle shot to capture the petals. At 17mm, even at f/2.8, there is plenty of depth of field, albeit some out of focus flowers in front. Pity again that the background is a bit busy.
J H L Photography (C) 2008
This is slightly cropped. I think the bottom of the picture frame in the photo gives it a nice touch. I love these kinds of compositions. Nice light coming from the open front door, just right outside the photo helps as well.
Last photo for this post! My 135mm f/2 never fails to amaze me. Ridiculously sharp, and bokeh I could slurp. 🙂 More in my next post covering the dinner event! Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! 🙂

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