Ying & Yee’s Wedding – Groom Side Dinner

As with most Chinese weddings, there are usually two dinner events. One for the groom’s side, and one for the bride’s side. This was held on the same day as the “morning session” post… shooting weddings makes for an incredibly long day. 5am wake ups until 11pm (or later). But it’s a rush I enjoy, I’m glad to say.

Anyway, to the photos. The dinner was held at Phong Mun Restaurant… as you can see below. Wide-angle focal lengths are great for giving a dramatic sense of perspective… Unfortunately the widest focal length available to me is 17mm (29mm on my 40D) … which simply wasn’t wide enough for what I intended. I need a 5DII + 16-35mm f/2.8 perhaps… I wish!


Here’s the bride and groom getting ready to enter the restaurant… In my first attempt for this shot, I was visible in the mirror (yes I chimped), took two steps back and there we go… a nice moment as well, just as their hands were about to lock as they prepare to make their entrance.


I fired off a bunch of shots (as you do) as the couple was making their entrance. This was one of the better ones…


Here’s where my 135mm f/2 shines once more… capturing natural moments.  Oh yeah, the lighting was HORRID in the restaurant. It was these “fake tungsten” lights, which admittedly are better for the environment… they looks fine to the naked eye, but cast a very unnatural yellowish tone when captured on camera. White balancing it results in a yucky green cast. Anyway, one solution? Turn it into black & white. 


135mm again! Just as I was complaining about the horrible light, just the right balance between flash & ambient can give nice results. It’s hard to fully appreciate in this downsized photo, but I just love the catchlights in her eyes. Sparkly… as a result of the reflection of 16 ceiling lights (yes I can count every one of them at 100%), my flash and my flash bouncing off the ceiling.


 Ok one last photo – it’s Christmas Eve after all and I am blogging! Will post much more in my final post of the series – covering the Bride’s side dinner at Hua Ho Manggis Ballroom. The couple lets loose a little after formalities are over. Nothing technically great about this photo, but it’s full of smiles and laughs. It was a happy night for all.



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