Ying & Yee’s Wedding – Bride Side Dinner

This will be my last post of the series. Congratulations again to Ying & Yee. I had first met the couple months ago when I covered their wedding registration back in August. For every wedding I’ve shot, I always feel like it’s a journey I’ve taken with the couple… as their photographer on their most special day I always hope that I have captured their story and their emotions.

Did I mention my quirky taste? I can’t explain it, but I just like this photo… hehe.


 Flowers & Cake – usually the first thing I do when I get to the venue is grab some detail shots. Before too many guests arrive… definitely one of the first things to do cos I know I wouldn’t get the chance later. The cake looks lovely but like most wedding cakes, it isn’t really a cake… :s


 Three lovely ladies that were in charge of collecting the angpows. Good exposure makes for sharp photos and more leeway for post-processing effects, here I opted to go for a slightly muted look which I like.


And the boys next to them… in charge of the signatures.


Here’s the bride & groom awaiting their cue to enter the ballroom. Actually I grabbed the shot on the right first, then zoomed in to the 55mm focal length to get a close-up. I thought it was a little interesting that the ambient light lit the wall behind the bride as if it was a glow.


The next two shots turned out to be among my most favourites… and I have to say the were the most difficult to get! Firstly, it was really dark! Usually I shoot Av or P mode, but in this case, I knew I would have to switch to M… I set it at 1/60 @ f/2.8 with ISO 800 to ensure that I got a decent shutter speed, yet drag it just enough to get a little ambient in. Last thing I wanted was sharp, flash lit shots, but with a black-hole of a background. 1/60 seems to be that “magic” shutter speed, but really it always depends on the situation. The B&G aren’t running in, so I usually find 1/60 fast enough unless any sudden movements are made…

Oh yeah and my camera was covered with foam and confetti and sticky string afterwards… luckily none of it got on my lens… *whew*


My favourite of all. Complete stroke of luck… didn’t intend the tilt, only got this close cos I had no more room to back-up… but it all just seemed to work. Sometimes there’s a lot of luck involved in photography… pressing that shutter at the right place at the right time. 🙂


135mm again! Most photographers I know have the 70-200mm f/2.8 and yes that is a great lens in its own right. It is certainly a much more versatile lens because of its ability to zoom, and with 3-stop Image Stablization, arguably it can shoot in lower light than my 135mm. No, I don’t own the 70-200mm but I have used it on several occasions, but I think that unless there’s a real need for versatility in terms of focal length… I will always choose my 135mm because: (1) it’s sharp, like pores on your skin, count strands of hair sharp; (2) the bokeh is the creamiest goodness you’ll ever find; (3) it’s easier to point it at someone without them realizing it…

They don’t call it the “magic” lens for nothing…


Incidentally, this was the shot I was getting while I caught Jeff’s hand sticking out from the partition. I must admit that the photojournalism style definitely has a big influence in the way I like to shoot. These aren’t going to be pictures that will be blown up and hung on a wall, but I hope that when the couple looks back at the photos the feelings and emotions that they experienced on the day will come jumping out to them. 🙂


The couple making their second entrance.


This was quite a heavily cropped image – the original was ok on its own, but I chose to focus on their expressions to each other as they performed their dance on stage.


Alternatively, in this case… the couple was having lots of fun fumbling with the glasses, so I shamelessly got on stage and got close. Yes I could have zoomed in, but it’s not the same.


The sisters had prepared a slideshow…


None of them are looking at me, but each had a unique expression, so I thought this was a good one.


She wanted a shot of her shoes… how do you get this shot? Wide-angle (again) and lie on the floor. 🙂


Love these kinds of poses. Admittedly I “borrowed” it from somewhere else…


Another two favourites to end this post. Another huge congratulations to Ying & Yee!



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