Snapshots of Bali – Part 1

Happy 2009 everyone! Just got back from a 4 day trip to Bali… opting to leave my 40D SLR at home and instead taking the much lighter, easier-to-carry-while-walking-around Konica Hexar RF. I went through four rolls of film which equates to about 144 photos, and cost about $80 ($20 for film and $60 for developing) – they say photography is an expensive habit, but at least nowadays with digital it doesn’t cost anything to press that shutter.

Being used to digital, my trigger happy finger would sometimes shoot two to three exposures of a similar scene! Especially those street scenes where it is dynamic with people coming in and out of the viewfinder. Having said that the rangefinder has one particular advantage over the SLR which I like – that is the viewfinder. It is HUGE (compared to the the APS-C viewfinder of my 40D), it’s bright and clear. Not only that, within the viewfinder are framelines that allow the photographer to see the wider view of the world – what objects will be included and which objects will be excluded. This helps with composition – objects excluded can be seen and thus one can adjust the composition to include it. Or… in the case of moving objects, one can see when someone is walking into the framelines.

Ok when I read that back myself I am confused too. Nevermind… on to the photos.

These are original unedited film scans that came back from the shop.

For some reason, the original scan came with the black bit on the side… I thought about cropping it off, but then again it reminds me of the quirks of film. :p This is the beach scene at kudeta club… really great place to hang out.


Outside another bar they had these little handicraft stuff made out of dried leaves, I thought they looked quite interesting.


You see plenty of round stone figures around in Bali – most of them are kinda fierce. This particular guy looked quite cheery.


There were a few local selling those colourful horns (?)… This was on new year eve. Grabbed this shot “off-the-hip”… a great technique for street photography. Basically I set my lens at the hyperfocal distance and snap as I walk along without ever bringing the camera to my eye.


Another “hip” shot. This are many scenes like the one in this shot, all opposite 5-star resorts and high class bars. Bali is full of contrasts…


Lots of motorcycles in bali. Whether it’s mother and child (not wearing a helmet…) or tourist (also not wearing a helmet) – it’s definitely the primary source of transportation.


Off to Uluwatu… where they tell tourists to hide their sunglasses cos the monkeys might steal them. Didn’t faze Rena (who later had a monkey pull her sweater, cheeky bastard) from taking pics and videos of them.


Can someone say “tourist spot”? The huge crowd in the background are spectators to a traditional balinese dance. I missed it… darn.


Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful place.  🙂 35mm, in my opinion at least, isn’t the best focal length for landscape shots, but I like how this shot turned out.


Off to Ubud in my next post! Check back soon…


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