Snapshots of Bali – Part 2

Onto Ubud… it’s 2am right now and past my bedtime, but I thought I’d get this post up. 🙂 I am sleepy so this is just a quick post. I enjoyed shooting with film and while I still believe I would have got better shots with my 40D + zoom lens, it also provided a great experience, working with the limitations of a fixed focal length, giving an appreciation for the 35mm perspective. What it does well and what it’s not so good at. 

Zoom lenses are great for versatility… but I think it makes me lazy sometimes. Instead of choosing the best focal length to express the subject, I zoom to fill the frame… this is useful sometimes, where in seconds you could grab a wide landscape shot and then zoom in to get closer to the details. Where as with a prime lens, it gives me a deeper appreciation how to utilize the focal length I am stuck with. I started trying to “see” the shot before even bringing the viewfinder to my eye. This comes naturally to very experienced photographers, and I think many of the great photographers have a “speciality” in a particular focal length. 

Anyway, here’s a variety of shots with the 35mm focal length. I’ll let you decide where it works and where it doesn’t so well… 

Rena checking out some flowery craft stuff… 


Balinese version of the three monkeys – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.


One of the art shops had these little paintings so nicely laid out I couldn’t resist to grab a shot of it. Rena made a great suggestion that I should make a huge enlargement of this and frame it. Free art!


I would have loved to fill the frame with these bead bracelets, but unfortunately the Summicron doesn’t have a great minimum focus distance… 


Times like these I wish I had an ultra-wide lens…


A dormant volcano… 


There were lots of Bakso street vendors… we didn’t have the courage to try – even our driver, a local, said that he got stomach aches sometimes when eating Bakso… 


Rice terraces… next time I am bringing an UW lens. :s


Ubud is an artists’ enclave of sorts… I thought these pieces looked interesting against the wall of a shack…


I could see the guy in blue outside the frame within the viewfinder… I waited for him to enter before I pressed the shutter.


Overall, I had a pretty good time in Bali. Can’t wait for my next travels! 

Have a wedding to shoot coming up soon, so stay tuned for my post on that!


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