Eric & Julie – Part I

Congratulations to Eric & Julie. The couple are actually from Australia, and they came back to Brunei for a simple wedding ceremony organised by their family. A very sweet and easy-going couple, I had lots of fun getting to know them and shooting their wedding. Once again, I shot this wedding with Jeff, who also posted some of his shots on his blog.

All the shots below are from the morning session, followed by a quick photoshoot at Empire in the afternoon.

When I got to the bride’s place early in the morning, I saw a clothesline running across the span of her room… I knew it’d be great for a shoe shot. 🙂 Charles & Keith, bought last minute at Changi Airport.


Make-up-artist doing her thing as a friend looks on. I like how a hint of motion blur gives this picture more life.


Quirky shot again! Which reminds me… Chinese New Year is coming soon!


Almost ready… I positioned myself so that only part of her face would show in the mirror and then a b/w conversion to add to the “mysterious” feel of this image.


There we go. Ready for the groom’s arrival…


He makes it in without too much effort… haha.


Although hardly original, I love these shots. 🙂


Arrival at the Groom’s place.


Playing with motion blurs again. Your subjects have to be relatively still while other elements of the story are moving… I waited for Julie to hold out the tea cup and pressed the shutter as the relative reached out to receive it.


Love the colours in this – a combination of an open door on the left, and tungsten lighting indoors.


It’s off to Empire. A quick photoshoot at 2pm wasn’t the best light, and it was a bit hot to go to the beach. :p So we did most of it indoors and went to a few shaded spots outside.


Let’s get the “safe” shots out of the way… these are the stairs next to Spaghettini’s.


Stairs again… Can’t go wrong shooting stairs. Just like bridges and road bends, they add photographic interest.


Pose set up by Jeff. Again, he’s shooting with the 70-200mm and I opted for a wide angle shot.


Pose set up by Jeff. While he was directing the couple, I took the time to set up my 580EX II on a tripod camera left. But the shadows would have already told you that. :p The rest of the image is intentionally underexposed by around 2 stops.


This is the 85mm f/1.2 in action. 🙂 Set at f/2.2 tho just to ensure that the subjects are sharp – DOF at f/1.2 is razor-thin and unforgiving. After all, it’s the quality of the bokeh that’s as (if not more) important as “how blurry the background is” (for lack of a better phrase).


Got up close to capture the arch. I think this has an old-school movie look to it. 🙂


Ring shot! I rummaged through my bag wanting to pull out the 100 f/2.8 macro… but realised I left it at home. No matter… 135mm f/2 to the rescue again. With a great maximum magnification (for a non-macro lens) I managed to get decently close. 🙂


Check back soon for shots from the wedding dinner at i-lotus!


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