Eric & Julie – Part II

On to Eric & Julie’s Dinner Reception… it’s the rainy season in Brunei now, and it was pouring. The streetlamp on the right illuminates the rain and the puddles on the ground… 


Once again, before too many guests arrive, I grab the necessary detail shots. I always try to do something a little bit different with each wedding. Coming up with new ways to shoot a banquet menu can be a bit of a creative stretch, but I really liked how this one turned out. 


In the waiting room… have to make sure that there are enough guests in the reception area before the couple makes their grand entrance. Jeff and I had a nice chat with Eric & Julie – She’s a research officer and he works in the Navy! Pity he didn’t bring his military uniform…


The flower girls leading the entrance by throwing confetti. The shadows are a bit harsh because the ceiling was low… and the dark walls didn’t provide much in the way of fill light. Still, I prefer this to direct flash any day. 


They look happy – smiling faces of a bride & groom are never hard to come by at a wedding. 🙂 Nevertheless, I try to capture as many of these moments as I can…


Entertainment for the night was a variety of dances. This was one of my favourite – cowgirls. 


A more traditional theme…


Eric had a bit of trouble getting the cork off, and so he was shaking the bottle pretty vigorously. :p 


There we go! My favourite shot from the wedding. Never being able to anticipate when that cork is gonna pop off… I keep on clicking away in hopes that I get a shot like this one. 🙂 A shutter speed of 1/15 turns the water droplets into streaks like you see here. 🙂


Made sure both their faces were visible… you might notice a water droplet on my lens causing that blotch on the left side of the picture… nothing to be too worried about. 🙂


More happy moments while the couple go around to meet the guests.


Jeff working it from a different angle. This is where I got this shot. You can see the lamp… 


Taken by Cyndi… Last photo – Jeff and I got a shot with Eric & Julie after our job was done. Another huge congratulations to Eric & Julie. Wishing you plenty of happiness in your new lives together! 🙂



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