A group shot with film…

Both images you see below are shot with an EOS-3 + 24-105L, Kodak ColorPlus 200. Film scans straight off the CD that came with the prints.

I would never have got these shots if I used digital.

Why? Well, I certainly could try to replicate it, and if I shot RAW, I’d probably could have made it look much better after some editing as well. The reason why I would never have got this shot is because I simply would not have made as much effort – to move the coffee table away, to reposition the couch, to pose the subjects…

Not only that, I think that when someone is posing for film, there’s a special effort that everyone makes to look their best. I shoot groups pretty often – for weddings, for events, for birthday parties – andΒ I usually fire off at least 3 shots just to make sure no one is blinking, or looking away, or has a weird expression. Even then, more often that not, there’s someone blinking, or looking away, or having a weird expression… :s

But here we go… only two shots (using Self-Timer) and both came out with everyone looking great!


Maybe next time I shoot a group, I’ll use my EOS-3 instead of the EOS 40D. πŸ™‚ I’ll tell everyone it’s film and that they better look their best. Afterwards, I just drop off the roll of film at the shop and come back in an hour and it’s ready, looking all great – no editing and messing around in lightroom/CS3, pulling sliders here and there. And if they wanted to blow the picture up… arguably it’ll be better at doing so than a 10.1mp file from my 40D. πŸ™‚

Here’s the second shot… I used all manual settings so I am not sure why the colour, exposure and contrast are slightly different from the first… maybe it was the film, the scanner, the developer… who knows… who cares? hehe.



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