Wedding Details in B&W

Wow – I haven’t blogged in a while! Well… I blame it on Chinese New Year. :p 

Anyway, I attended an ex-colleague’s wedding over the weekend as a guest, not a photographer. It’s nice to just sit back and enjoy, but I must admit that I did feel a certain itch to shoot – wishing I was on the “front-line” of the action. Nevertheless, I let the hired guns (haha so many “war” analogies with photography – none intentional, I assure you) focus on the action… while I just grabbed a few detail shots just for fun. 

The first pic is in the lobby of the Empire Hotel – I cheated a bit here, using flash to make the sign pop a little more… otherwise it would have been too dark. Exposing for it would have completely blown out the chandelier, rendering into a gob of light… 


The ballroom was almost completely dark… mostly all candlelight here… and argh… curse the non-100% viewfinder. :p 


I did a similar shot at a previous wedding… 



I arranged this and then made quite a number of rearrangements afterwards too… but somehow the first shot turned out the best. 


Uh… completely random shot. Candidsyndrome Brunei guy… I think it’s ucingitam? Correct me if I’m wrong… Just to give you an idea how dark it was… this was shot at ISO800, f/2.8 with a shutter speed of 1/6. I’d say that was pretty dark. Good thing he stayed relatively still. Nice shirt. 



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