Group shot @ Tasek Merimbun outing

On Saturday… Jeff, Dexter, KC, Joseph and myself went on a photography outing to Tasek Merimbun. It’s about an hour+ drive away but it was interesting to see places that I’ve never been to before! Having lived most of my life here in Brunei… 

Anyway, the light wasn’t looking promising and there was even some rain on the way there… luckily it stopped raining, but at the same time, when we did get to our destination… I wasn’t feeling inspired at all. Jeff took out his remote flash triggers and I felt like I was back in my element! Landscapes aren’t my thing, but I love flash photography… 🙂

So we got a basic group shot to start with… 1/160 @ f/4.5 ISO400. Flash camera right at manual mode 1/4 power. (I think) The scene is underexposed by about 1.5 stops or so to make us all “pop”… 


Jump shot! Similar set up as above… except I moved the camera closer and lowered it to give the impression that we’re able to jump higher. :p Got this on the 3rd try haha. 


A bit disappointed that I didn’t get any decent landscape shots, but oh well. These shots make it worth it… and it was great to get out there with my camera and a few shutterbug buddies. 🙂 Read Jeff’s blog post on this outing here!


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