Allen & Marilyn – Part 4

Part 4 – The Dinner Reception

The dinner reception was at the Grand Hall, Empire Hotel & Country Club. At this point in time I had been on my feet shooting for about 14 hours straight… just surviving on adrenaline. :p

Here’s the couple being driven to the reception from their hotel room… Marilyn is looking quite anxious. 🙂

The couple make their entrance… the patterns on the floor pop quite nicely. 🙂

There was lion dance…

The lions then presented these banners to the couple with their names on it.

Grabbed some detail shots on the fly… since I couldn’t be at the reception beforehand.

Allen re-enacts his proposal to Marilyn.

Father-Daughter dance… I’m not sure why they both looked at me and posed at this moment, but it makes a really nice photo that I’m sure will be treasured in the years to come.

Allen and Marilyn getting funky on the dance floor.

They pulled off some pretty impressive moves! Love the colours in this one.

The shoe game… the MC asks questions about the couple’s relationship. E.g. Who is the boss of the house? Maz has to either lift up her shoe or Allen’s shoe depending on what she thinks the answer is. In this case, a confident Marilyn lifts up her shoe while Allen is a little bit more tentative. He cheats by looking at the big screen………

The putting game… the ball looks like it going in here, but it doesn’t…

And now Allen suffers the consequences… he raised quite a bit of cash for charity from this though! Well done.

The bride and groom seeing their guests off.

While all that was happening, there was plenty of photobooth fun!

As you can see, Allen joins in the fun at the end.

Congratulations again to Allen & Marilyn!


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