Pany & Nui – A Bangkok Four Seasons Wedding

I’ve just got back from a short trip to Bangkok. We attended the wedding of Pany & Nui at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Pany is a close friend of Rena’s since her University days. When I heard that we were going to Bangkok for her wedding, naturally as a photographer I was quite excited at the thought of it!

It was a very simple, yet beautiful wedding. As a guest, I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would – champagne in hand as opposed to my camera is plenty of fun too. 🙂 Nevertheless, here are some of my favourite grabs.

It was a very blue theme… Nui’s real name starts with an “M”, but Thais usually have a nickname that completely different from their real one.

The cake was the highlight of the room. Here are two different takes. Similar vantage point, two different lenses, two different techniques, two very different results. In the first, I included the ceiling lights which had these really pretty hanging features – they almost look like white christmas trees to me!

It was a cocktail reception as opposed to a sit-down dinner. More weddings should be like this! Guests get to mingle, and we got to eat as soon as we walked in!

The food ranged from delicious pastries to kolomee! Imagine that – I had kolomee at the Four Seasons… it was surprisingly good.

There was a band to entertain the guests, even the lead singer was wearing blue, I wonder if it was a coincidence?

The couple make their entrance accompanied by the flower girls.

As the couple make their way to the stage they are showered with orchid petals.

The happy couple on stage.

The groom’s father places flower garlands around the newly married. Garlands are a common sight around Thailand and they are often given away at ceremonies for good luck. I’ve read somewhere though, that for the Thais, in addition to rings that represent eternal and never-ending love, the flowers represent the fragrance of marriage and the beauty of life. I’m not sure if that was just one person’s interpretation, but it does sound more romantic!

I managed to catch everyone smiling as the groom’s father makes a speech.

The couple pose for photographs after they’ve cut the cake.

I really like this photo. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the bride at first but as we follow her eyes we discover, in the very corner of the frame, the excited flower girls clamouring to grab the bouquet. The smiling guests in the background, the cake, the “christmas trees” and the Thai art all come together in a single frame.

Congratulations again to Pany & Nui. Wishing you the best in your new life together – looking forward to catching up with you guys the next time we’re in Thailand!


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